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Euro Cup Festivities

While we were there, many people in the city were getting ready for the Croatia Euro Cup game that was being televised. Coffee bars and restaurants were dragging large screen TVs down the sidewalks to their outdoor patios for their customers to watch. And every second local we passed on the street was wearing the country’s team jersey, like these guys.

Sun Salutation and Sea Organ

The coastal town of Zadar, Croatia is home to a set of incredible public art installations that harness the waves and the sun where the waterfront meets the Adriatic Sea. Installed after the shore front’s renovation in 2005, the “Sun Salutation” is a massive public pavilion emblazoned with a circle of photovoltaic cells interspersed with LEDs...

City Tour of Zadar

Today was our final stop before heading back to Venice. We got to Zadar around 10am and began our tour at 11am. After a short shuttle bus ride from the ship to the old town, we did a walking tour of the area. This city, like many others were heavily influenced by Rome in the past. Zadar is a very old city (I believe 3000 years was what the tour guide said) and had to...