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Coming Home

We’re sitting in the food court at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam waiting for out flight home. It was an early morning today, 4am start. Got up and out of the apartment at 5:20am and walked to the metro station. One train change later and we were on the express train to Charles De Gaulle. The airport in Paris seemed a bit chaotic. We printed our boarding passes...

Band Wars!

The video below shows you what is going on outside our window right now! This is our first Friday night here but unfortunately we need to get up tomorrow at 4am in order to catch the train to the airport. Thankfully I have earplugs but I have the feeling they aren’t going to be much good. Oh well, last night here.
[kad_youtube url=”; width=640 height=320 ]

Final Day in Paris

We spent our final day running around doing some last minute shopping, buying train tickets to the airport for tomorrow, and checking out a couple areas nearby that we hadn’t seen yet. Another grey day in the city, but we’ve avoided the rain again. The pictures are just some random shots during our walk and the chicken I had for our last supper here.

Versailles Hall of Mirrors

This room was incredible! So big, with giant chandeliers all down the length of it. It really is hard to describe how magnificent it is without seeing it in person.
[kad_youtube url=”; width=640 height=320 ]

Versailles Line-up

This video shows what line-up we managed to avoid, thanks to our very helpful ticket agent where we bought the tickets from. The movement of people you see is a “human snake” making their way to the entrance. If only they’d known about going to the gardens first…
[kad_youtube url=”; width=640 height=320 ]


We’re on the train back into downtown Paris after spending the day at  Versailles. This place was HUGE. Eduardo did a little reading on it last night and apparently it has over 2500 rooms. The original property was 7800 hectares but today it’s significantly smaller at 800 hectares. We got a bit of a late start in getting there this morning. Got on the...

Moulin Rouge

We bought tickets for the show a couple weeks before we left on this trip expecting great things. Unfortunately, it was a bit disappointing. First off, the seats we got were horrible. We couldn’t have been further from the stage…literally. They put us in the back right corner of the theatre. We were in the middle seats at a table of 6, which was a...

Notre Dame and Center Pompidou

Again, we got lucky with the rain, as our morning and afternoon turned out hot and overcast. We went through Notre Dame and hung out in a little in park in the back. On the way to the modern art museum, Center Pompidou, we crossed a bridge whose railings where FILLED with padlocks. I still haven’t looked up the significance of writing your name on a lock and...

Wifi in Parks

Paris seems to be very progressive with wifi access. We’ve been to a couple city parks now with wifi access. Very handy to catch up on my blog while hanging out with the locals.

Shoes, Arc de Triomphe, and Le Marais

 First things first, I needed to get a new pair of shoes for Wednesday night. So we headed out into our neighbourhood in search of something that wouldn’t break the bank. After walking past several stores that were WAY out of my range, we eventually found a couple I could afford. I found success in a store called Eram. Next, we were off to the Arc De Triomphe...