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Last Sea Day

Today is our last full day on the cruise ship and we’re spending it at sea which means a full day of relaxation. First breakfast at the Windjammer then I headed to the pool deck and found a chair in the solarium to relax and write these blog posts before I forget all details from this trip. Eduardo went back to the room to read his work book, which he’s been trying to do all week.

A couple hours later and after he read a few chapters, Eduardo came back up to the same deck that I was relaxing on.  He was checking out the Belly Flop Contest happening at one of the pools.  I decided to stay in the solarium since I was making some progress on writing the blog posts.  After the contest, he swung by the Windjammer again to see what was for lunch. They had chocolate covered strawberries available so he brought a skewer out to me at the solarium.  They were a little messy but really good!

The rest of the day we continued with relaxing and wondering around the ship  We had our final dinner in the main dining room and thanked our wait staff for all their efforts this week.  After dinner, we went back to the room to pack so we would be ready to leave the ship in the morning once we were back in Fort Lauderdale.  We ended the evening with a final dip in the hot tub.

Here are some random photos from around the ship.

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