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On the Road Again

We set off for a 15 day adventure to Malaysia, India and Nepal. Isn’t definitely not going to be relaxing as we have a lot of adventures packed into 2 weeks. We left Vancouver at 8:30am on Wednesday morning for our first stop…Seattle. The flight deal was out of Seattle so we took a frequent flyer point flight to get started. At 12:20pm, we were officially on our way on my favorite airline, ANA! A couple days before the flight I received an email opportunity to upgrade our seats for the first flight to Tokyo to Premium Economy. As the price was reasonable, we did it. When we got on-board we noticed how empty the plane was. For example, in Premium Economy there were 14 seats, and only 4 occupied (and we were 2 of those 4!). In the business class area in front of us there had to be 40 seats, and no one was sitting in them. And in economy behind us, there were lots of empty rows. All the extra room in the plane made for an enjoyable flight. The journey was very smooth, barely any turbulence the entire way, until it was time to land. There was wind shear happening on our appproach and just before touching down, the pilot changed his mind, aborted the landing and climbed again. We spent another 20 min in the air as he swung around and tried again. The second time was much better. The winds had definitely subsided from the first attempt.
We had 3 hours in Tokyo-Narita airport before our next plane to Singapore. We walked around a bit to stretch our legs because we would be in regular economy for this flight and it was still another 7 hour journey!
This plane was a Boeing 777, and I think it had less people than the last one. Eduardo and I had a row of 3 to ourselves and there were plenty of rows that only had one in them. Again almost no one in business class and I think there was only one guy in Premium Economy.
The landing was really smooth into Singapore. We had a 11 hour layover here before our next flight to Kuala Lumpur so we made our way through customs and checked into a hotel in the airport. The hotel room was tiny, but it serves its purpose for the 7 hours we had to sleep.

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