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Lunch Near the Army

After our incredible tour of the Terracotta Army, it was time for lunch. To get to the Terracotta Army museum, we shuttled on a limo sized golf cart to entrance. When leaving, we walked back meandering our way through a bunch of shops and restaurants. We stopped into one of the shops, which was owned by one of the original 4 farmers who discovered the Terracotta Army back in 1974. Eduardo even got his photo with him (shocking, I know).

After lunch, our activities were over for the day so we headed back into downtown as asked our tour guide to drop off in the Muslim Market again so we could do a little shopping. As part of our tour, we’ll be going back to the market again tomorrow, but we figured it would be a quick visit with the tour guide so we were going to do it at our own pace today.

The main shopping street was more like a narrow alley filled with little shops on both sides. We had a lot of fun price haggling again. We got a couple knock-off North Face backpacks for $20 CAD each, luggage, another Bluetooth speaker for $10-$15 and a bunch of touristy souvenirs.

Unfortunately Mom a small fall when leaving one of the market shops. The shops were elevated requiring a climb of one or two steps to get in and out. While leaving, Mom didn’t notice she had one more step to take a took a little tumble. Luckily her hands were free and she was able to break her fall. Aside from being shaken up and a little bruised on her wrist and the side of her ribs, she got very lucky and was able to get up. We immediately walked back to the hotel and Mom spent the rest of the night in bed with some Advil to help relieve any pain or swelling that would come. While Mom and Dad stayed in the room to relax, the rest of us went back out to find supper. After a failed attempt at a Chinese restaurant, we ended up at Pizza Hut. We ended up bringing back a pizza for Mom and Dad in case they were hungry, but they didn’t answer the door when we got back.

The next morning, Mom was doing much better. She was still sore and her wrist was black and blue but that was the worst of her injuries. Today, we’re leaving for Shanghai by plane but not until 6pm so our tour guide wanted to show us the city wall and the now very familiar Muslim Market. Mom and Dad decided to skip this part and just hang out at the hotel until it was time to go to the airport. So our tour operator, once again saved the day by contacting the hotel and got 3pm checkout for Mom & Dad’s room. So we piled all the luggage into their room and four of us went on the rest of the tour. And last night’s pizza came in handy as Mom and Dad had that for lunch!

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