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Xian at Night

When we arrived at the Xian train station, we had a little trouble finding our new tour guide, but nothing a quick phone call couldn’t resolve. She got us into the van and on our way to the hotel. Unfortunately, our driver had decided to have a cigarette in his van before picking us up so it wreaked of smoke. Around an hour later, we arrived at the hotel and quickly checked in. We said goodbye to our guide for night and headed up to the rooms. Our rooms were all in a row and had that energy saving feature where you put the room keycard in the slot inside the room to activate the power. Unfortunately, Christopher and Angie’s room power wouldn’t come on, so they had to change rooms. We also made sent a quick email to our tour organizer about the smokey van ride and she took care of it. We had a new driver assigned to us the next morning.

We only had two nights in Xian, including the night we arrived so all we headed out for a walk to get some dinner and check out sights near us.

After dinner at McDonald’s, we sent out Eduardo to scout the area in search of the Muslim Street Market. About 20 minutes later, he texted us that he found it, which was only another 15 minutes away so we all headed his direction.

The market shops were mainly closed when we arrived, but the main street food area was very much alive and buzzing. We walked around for a couple hours checking out all the weird and wild food before heading back to the hotel for the night. We even tried out the pineapple looking thing, which was actually sticky rice.

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