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Chinatown/Little Italy

After Coney Island, we headed back to Manhattan and decided to stop off at our original destination, Chinatown. I don’t think we landed in the heart of Chinatown, but it was close enough. We found a few tourist shops and haggled a bit to get a discount. It turns out that walking away when you don’t hear the price you’re looking for really works.

Around the corner from those shops happened to be Little Italy. We ended up finding a 3-course meal for $19.99 so we stayed for dinner. Unfortunately, by the time we finished, it was already dark out and our phones don’t take great photos at night.

After a little more wandering around in the dark, I was getting tired from all the walking and hot sun so we headed back to the hotel.

Our weekend in NYC was no over as our flight home was leaving at 9:40am Monday, so not time for a last minute excursion. Normally I’d say I wish I had a couple more days to do and see more, but with the temperatures we experienced, I’d say 2 days was perfect this time! Below are a couple random photos that didn’t fit into anything else I posted.

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