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Sugarloaf Mountain

After a few short hours of sleep from our late arrival home from Carnaval, we had breakfast in the hotel then headed out to Sugarloaf Mountain. Sugarloaf is located northeast of Copacabana beach. It was far less busy here than it was a Christ the Redeemer yesterday.

There are two separate mountains that make up Sugarloaf. You need to take a short cable car ride from the bottom to the top of the first mountain. On the top, they have several restaurants, coffee shops and other retail stores. It was very well done and the views were incredible!

From the top of the first mountain, you take a second cable car for another short ride to get to the top of the second, taller mountain. Again, a few more retail spaces and a nature/forest path to walk partially down the back side of the mountain. There were signs on the path warning to not feed the monkeys, but we didn’t get see any. But if we had seen a monkey, “someone” I was travelling with would have been scrambling to find food to feed them! 🙂 Again there were great views, including a fantastic shot looking back at Copacabana Beach.

And here’s a short video of what it’s like to take the 2 minute cable car ride to the largest mountain.

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