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Carnaval – Second Night

On the 2nd night we attended the Carnaval parade competition, we selected seats that were in the bleachers. While we enjoyed our front row seats the first time, we wanted to get the perspective of the parades from above…plus the cost of the bleacher seats on this night was the same that we paid for the front row last time. Tonight is filled with experienced Samba schools that have been in the Carnaval competition before so it was sure to be a great show.

There were 7 schools performing tonight. These schools definitely stood out from our first evening. The parades were way longer, taking almost their full 80 minutes to get from one end the route to the other. Also, the floats and the shows were way more complex. The bands were more in sync and so were the dance routines.

Because we had a full day of sightseeing today, we were exhausted so we ended up staying for 4 of the 7 shows. By the time we got home, it was 4am again. Had we stayed to the end, we likely wouldn’t get home until closer to 8am.

I took a lot of small video clips tonight night instead of still photos, so I created this short montage of some of the best floats and routines.

And this video below really stood out for the evening. It was really unexpected. And no, there were no safety wires!

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