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Aeromexico…Not Impressed

I was debating about whether to Include this or not but I’ve decided to share our challenges when trying to fly home.
We got to the airport and went to the Aeromexico check in counter because their online check in kept giving me an error. After waiting 15 min we finally got to the counter. We handed over our passports and the 2nd part of our immigration forms we received when we entered the country, for review. After we got our boarding passes we went through security and headed to our gate. We were about 1.5 hours early so we just waited in the chairs for boarding to begin. It was finally our zone to board but when we got the gate agent, Eduardo’s immigration form was missing. They were not letting him on the plane without it. The agent told him he needed to go back to the immigration area near security and get another one. The last time anyone touched that form was when the Aeromexico check in agent had it to issue us boarding passes so we figure she must not have returned it to him.
By this time, the flight is leaving in 20 min. I stepped out of line too and went with Eduardo, running back to the security entrance where immigration was. We paid $35 to have the document reissued and stamped. Now we had to go through security all over again but luckily there was no line. However we had our carryons so they had to scanned and our pockets emptied. Eduardo ran ahead in an attempt to get them to hold the plane because it was taking me longer due to us buying water earlier and now those liquids are in my bag so I need to get rid of them.
Long story short, they didn’t let us on the plane because they closed the plane door and security was not on the skywalk. We pleaded our case but the gate agent did not want to be helpful even though there was 9 minutes left before the scheduled departure.
Now we realize that we’re partly to blame for not ensuring all our documents were returned but Aeromexico is also to blame for forgetting to return the immigration form.
The gate agent told us there was another flight 5 hours later and we should go to the ticket agent outside security again to get rebooked. We went to the ticket agent and she told us the rebooking was not possible for fare class we paid and a new ticket would need to be purchased for $430US each. When we asked to speak to a supervisor to explain our situation, we were sent back to the check in counter. In speaking with the first “supervisor” we were again shuffled over to another counter. We waited 20 min here, finally talked to another agent who told us to go speak to another supervisor. So we found her and she did less than nothing for us. Didn’t look up our details in the system, blamed us for not double checking we had all our forms and took no responsibility for her counter agent not returning the form to us. We pushed the supervisor to get check that actual counter we got our boarding pass from (because she wasn’t planning to even do that for us) but nothing was found. Aeromexico was not interested in trying to work with us or offer alternatives. In the end we found a better deal online with Interjet, a New Mexican airline that flies direct to Vancouver. That cost us approx $300 CAD each for a one way ticket. We had no choice because we had to back to Vancouver by Monday afternoon because our next flight to Thailand was coming up.
We definitely won’t be making this mistake again.
It was really disappointing that Aeromexico couldn’t have cared less about our situation. We will be returning back to Mexico City one day but maybe not with Aeromexico.

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