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Back to Japan!

One week last year wasn’t enough so I’m heading back to Japan today for 2 weeks and this time I’m not going alone!

The best deal was out of Los Angeles so we got a flight on points from Vancouver last night after work and spent the night at the Super 8 near the airport. The hotel was far from “super” as it was directly under the flight path for landing airplanes. When some of the larger jets flying over literally sounded like they were landing on top of us. The idea of a cheap hotel for one night because it’s “just to sleep” always sounds much better in the planning stages of trip vs reality. Oh well, it came with breakfast and a shuttle ride back to the airport so it’s not all bad.

We’re currently at LAX waiting for our flight to depart. Only 1.5 hours to go before we settle in to our almost 12 hour journey to Narita Airport, Tokyo.

This time, we’re spending a couple nights in Tokyo then heading to Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima for a week before heading back to Tokyo for the last 5 days. I’m looking forward to showing Eduardo around some of the place I discovered the first time and excited to see many new places in other cities with him.

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