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Bullet Train Sushi

After all my walking so far I was starting to get hungry. I’d watched a YouTube video about things to do in Tokyo before arriving and one recommendation was to eat at this sushi place.

When you arrive, they give you plastic clip board with a seat number and a bar code on it. You head to your assigned seat and sit down. In front of you is a tablet which contains all the menu items. As you scroll all there is to offer, you click on the items you want, a maximum of 3 at a time.

So I found the Sushi options that don’t contain seaweed and ordered up my first three plates by tapping “Order”. Most come with two pieces of sushi plate. Just behind the table are three tracks, stacked one over the other. Within a minute or two, my plates arrived via “bullet train” shuttle right to my seat. Once you take them off the train, you tap a button on your tablet and the train disappears back to the kitchen for more food.

I ate six plates and one bowl of Miso soup for a grand total of about $8. So cheap and so good. I think I’ll be trying Japanese food again once I get home.

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