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Changi Airport – So Long Singapore

Well today I leave Singapore and head to Tokyo. Singapore wasn’t somewhere I thought of going and only decided to do it because it was included in the flight deal I got. I’m happy to report it was worth the trip. For me, I think the 5 days I spent here was plenty to get a good overview of the city/country.
I checked out of my hotel around 8am, walked to the subway and about 40 minutes later I was at Changi Airport. This airport is considered the best airport in the world, winning the distinction many years previous too. I’m not sure of the criteria that gets you this award as I’m writing this on the plane and can’t look it up. My impression is that it’s a very nice airport but I find the ceilings very low in some parts (when compared with YVR and its vaulted ceilings everyone that make it feel huge. I’m sure amenities help give Changi a winning score. They have spas, transit hotels, entertainment zones including free movie theatres and video games, garden and koi pond and an outdoor sunflower garden all past the passport control area. I’m sure there’s a ton more but this is what I was able to find in 1.5 hour wait until my flight.
As I board my flight, I’m getting excited to start the main reason for coming to Asia, a visit to Japan, more specifically Tokyo. I took 2 years of Japanese in high school and one of those years we were supposed to do a class trip to Japan but it never happened. So I’ve kinda been waiting for the past 28 years or so to get here. Hopefully it lives up to the expectations in my head!

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