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Finally Arrived

The flight to Singapore was not my favourite. The seat I had was good and seemed to have more leg room over the first flight. And the people sharing my row friendly as well. My issue was with the turbulence that we encountered. It was almost relentless the entire journey. It felt like we were driving a gravel road the whole 6.5 hours. So because it was so bumpy, I barely got any sleep because I kept getting woken up as we hit any significant bump.
When we finally landed it was around 6:30am and it was still dark outside. It took forever to get through customs. Judging by all the people from India in line with me and their handfuls of paper, I think they require a visa to enter the country. This slowed the whole process down. That and the fact that Singapore fingerprints everyone. I spent almost an hours until I got my turn.
The bright side of long wait in passport control is that my luggage was sitting on the conveyor belt when I made it to the liggage area.
In the arrivals area I found a place to another Singapore SIM card. This country has data charges figured out. It cost me $15 for a SIM card that lasts 7 days, includes 100GB of data, unlimited texts, some local voice minutes and even some international minutes. I don’t think you can even get an empty SIM CARD IN Canada for $15.
Singapore’s airport is connected to their subway system so I bought myself a loadable card and started my journey to the hotel. It was pretty easy to find my way but being around 8am, it was right in the middle of rush hour so it was pretty packed with quiet, polite people going to work, all playing with thier cell phones.
From my train stop to the hotel, it was only a 12 minute walk. The hotel was on a quiet side street however the other hotel across the street was in full renovation mode, jack hammers included. Hopefully my room isn’t facing this direction.
Check-in was a breeze. I paid for an extra night so I could get a room that early in the morning vs waiting until the usual check-in time of 3pm. They put me in the top floor, 7 and as I opened the door, staring out the window across the street from my room was the very renovation that I did not want to see. And man was it loud. The room only has single pane windows so it sounds like they aren’t even closed.
I was so tired from my 24+ hour journey that I didn’t care about the noise. I had a quick shower and went to bed for a 2 hour nap. Six hours later…I finally woke up. I honestly could have stayed in bed longer, likely until the next day but I don’t think that would be a good idea especially if I woke up at 2am and couldn’t sleep again. So I got dressed and headed into town to fight off my jet lag.

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