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So Long Saint Petersburg

I am now caught up with our journey. We put in some really long days here so it was too hard to come home and merge photos from 3-4 cameras and then start writing.

We had a great time in St Petersburg. It definitely lived up to everything we’d read and watched before coming here. Our apartment couldn’t have worked out any better too. It was right in the middle of some pretty significant monuments so it made for less time wasted in travel times. The only thing I won’t miss about the apartment is amount of stairs we had to climb. I counted 135…EACH WAY! ┬áThank god we only had to bring our luggage up once.

I’m writing this from the train to Moscow, our final and longest stop on our trip. It’s a 4 hour journey on a high-speed train. We should arrive around 5:10pm Monday ready to figure out how the subway system works right away as our apartment is not exactly in the middle of Red Square.

Next stop, Moscow!

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