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Goodbye Helsinki, Hello Tallinn, Estonia






Our very short stay in Helsinki is over and now we’re en route to Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn is only 80 km south of Helsinki so we’re hopping on a ferry and taking the 2 hour journey across.
The terminal building is brand new and extremely modern. Not a ton of things to see as it’s just a giant concrete, wood and glass holding room for arriving and departing passengers.
The statue of the peeing man is one we’ve been looking for since we got here. It was originally down near the Market Square area that we’d been to a few times but was obviously moved. We had asked a couple people if they knew where it was but no luck. Then, during our 8 minute team journey to the ferry terminal, it appeared to our right. Luckily there was a tram stop right there so we just quickly snapped a photo.
Next stop – Tallinn!

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