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First Venice Hotel

After our uneventful flight into Venice, we quickly cleared passport control, as in they just waived us through without even opening our passports, we grabbed our bags from the luggage carousel and found a cab.

The cab ride was a quick one, in part because he was driving 135km/h and the hotel was about 15 minutes away. The Antony Palace Hotel was very modern and matched the photos online.

We ended up going to sleep around midnight local time after an extremely long day of flights. Eduardo seemed to sleep well but I struggled with some jet lag around 4am.

We eventually got up around 8:30am for the included breakfast. The food and selection was excellent. Every review I had read mentioned the breakfast and it didn’t disappoint.

Around 11:30am, we took the hotel shuttle into the city of Venice. We piled into the “people mover”, which was just a tram, and travelled about 50 feet before being dropped off. We paid €1.50 each for this 1 minute journey that we could have walked in almost the same time. A total money grab.

From the tram, we walked and 10 minutes to our ship baggage drop-off. Almost time to go!

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