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On Our Way to Venice

After a much needed 3 hour sleep in our hotel room, we had a quick shower and headed back to the North Terminal at Gatwick. While we were sleeping, our flight changed departure times around 10 times. Original departure was for 7pm. At one point it was changed to 8:50pm. It finally settled on 8pm for the longest time.

We had a quick bite to eat while waiting for 8pm to get here. Eduardo decided to go to the upper level of the shops area to get a coffee around 6:20pm. At this point our gate had not been announced yet and departure was still 8pm. Well not 5 minutes after he left, all hell broke loose. I got a text alert that our flight time had changed back to 7pm. Then a minute later it changed again to 7:20pm. 10 more minutes passed and Eduardo was still not back. I sent him text message to get back immediately. By the time he got back, the flight board said “Gate closing at 18:45pm” and it was 18:42. So we had 5 minutes notice of our gate number and had to RUN to get to it. Our gate ended up being one of the furthest away. Luckily when we arrived, people were still in line getting their passports checked. The reason for all this time changing was an air traffic controller strike in France. Apparently it was affecting many flights today.

As it type this, it’s 7:44pm and we’re taxiing down the runway. Only one day in and it’s already an adventure.

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