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Laugardalur Pool

To finish our day, we decided to go to the local pool near us and hang out in the hot tub. It was already dark by the time we got there so these photos are from the Internet as mine wouldn’t be anywhere near as impressive.

This is a massive facility with 5-6 hot tubs of varying temperatures, main pool (which wasn’t cold at all) as well as a steam and sauna. This is a favourite pastime of Icelanders as it was packed!

Interesting concept at pools in Iceland. Everyone takes off their shoes before entering the locker room. You leave them outside on shelves so I guess no one is worried about having their shoes and boots going missing. They force everyone to take a shower (with soap) without their bathing suit before entering the pools. This is to keep the water as clean as possible. They even hire people to hang out in the locker areas to ensure this standard is adhered to. Also, you keep your towel in a rack in the wet area of the locker room so you can be completely dry before heading back to your locker to get dressed. It was definitely a nice change being able to walk on a clean, dry floor in a locker room. It’s too bad this practice won’t catch on in Canada.

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