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Still in Cairo

Our flight has been delayed even longer without explanation. We’re finally on board and apparently we’re waiting for “one paper” to be signed, according to the flight attendant. Unless our flight in London is delayed as well, we’re probably not going to make that flight at 3pm UK time. Our only other option after that is a 4:15pm flight through Edmonton. 

Judging by the new faces that keep arriving on this flight, it appears that Egypt Air is holding this aircraft for connecting flights to arrive in Cairo at the expense for those of us that have connecting flights out of London. I’m starting to get grumpy with this whole situation. 
We just got an update as I’m typing this and we got an apology for “the small technical ‎snag, that has now been fixed”. And now due to heavy traffic over Europe, we’ll be taking off within 45 minutes.  So we definitely won’t be on our 3pm flight and it could be tight for getting on the 4:15pm. We could have a night in London at this rate. 

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