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Flight to London

Our tour of Egypt is over and we’re a little sad to be going home today. Our tour company picked us up from the hotel and 15 minutes later we were at the airport. They arranged an escort for us to help us through the check in and passport control. 
We’re sitting at the gate right now waiting to board. The flight is already 10 minutes late because they are so inefficient. They do the security process right at each gate so it’s taking them forever to get through everyone. It took us about 45 minutes to get through and there is probably another 30 minutes worth of people behind us. 
I tried to take a photo of our plane but was told I’m not allowed to, so this will be an empty post. 
We will only have about 1.5 hours to change planes on London so I’m hoping we can make up our delay in the air. Luckily we land at the same terminal we depart from so we shouldn’t have to far to walk. Depending on whether there is free wifi in London Heathrow, this could be my last post before landing in Vancouver, eh.


Update: I took the photo in London after we landed!

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