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Karnak Temple

‎Sadly, we’re at our final temple on the tour. Karnak Temple is the largest of all the temples. This is due to almost every ruler adding a piece while they were in power. I think one of the coolest parts of the temple is that there is a walkway from Karnak to Luxor Temple, about 3km, that is lined with a sphinx on either side of the walkway in one metre intervals.   The entire walkway is yet to be fully uncovered as its right in the path of homes and businesses that refuse to relocate. A lot of the sphinx’s are not in tact anymore but the stone blocks they sat on are still there.
There was so much information thrown at us for this temple that I can’t remember most of it. It was a great way to finish off the tour with our full group. Tomorrow (Saturday), we head back to Cairo and tour the Cairo Museum and visit the large market. It’s just two of us in our group that are leaving today. The rest are heading to a resort for a few days on the Red Sea as they purchased a longer tour. It should be fun to have our own personal tour guide for the day!

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