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‎Today we checked out of the cruise ship, but not until after lunch. Because we missed our included lunch on our first day, they gave us a late check out and a four course lunch. Turns out, we were the only ones left in the boat. Everyone else had left after breakfast. So after our breakfast, we went on a 1 hour felucca cruise around the area. Felucca’s are powered completely by wind, no motors. And it was just our luck that at 9am, there was no wind. But have no fear, we still proceeded because we they had a tug boat looking thing tow us! Luckily the wind started to pick up about halfway through and the tug left us behind. It really was peaceful having no motor noises.
After the felucca and then lunch, our tour company dropped us off at our hotel for the next two nights. This hotel is the best one yet. It’s still on the Nile‎ and we can actually see the mountain range that has the Valley of the Kings, which we visit tomorrow.
At the hotel, we headed directly down to the pool to relax and catch up with with the rest of our group. Then Eduardo and I booked a massage at the spa. It was sooo good!
Tonight we’re off to Luxor Temple for a night tour then dinner.

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