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Pyramids, Pyramids, Pyramids

Yesterday was the official start of our tour of Egypt. After a brief overview of all we’ll see and do we were on our way. We spent the day visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza and the step pyramids of Saqqara. It turns out the Giza pyramids were only a 15 drive from us. After pulling into the almost empty parking lot and our guide buying our entrance tickets, we were finally standing in front of the last Ancient Wonders of the World.  It was very surreal to be looking at the pyramids that we learned about in grade 7 Social Studies.
Our guide walked us up beside the largest one, Khufu’s pyramid and gave us the full history on ‎how it was built and for who. After our lesson, we were free to walk up to it and on it and take photos. It was another surreal moment to be standing and sitting on the actual pyramid! I was actually a little surprised that we were allow to walk on it. I bet if the pyramids were in Canada, you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near them.
Next we drove about 5 min further to a view point were we could see all 3 of the pyramids together for more photos. From there, Eduardo decided to take a camel ride with another Canadian on out tour from where we were to the third and smallest pyramid.
After picking him up‎, we headed to the Sphinx and learned the entire mummification process. After a few more photos, we headed away from the pyramids and stopped at a papyrus store where they sold genuine papyrus art. We picked up 3 pieces but I’m not sure if Eduardo got a good deal or not.
Our last stop were the pyramids of Saqqara, the step pyramids, which are the oldest pyramids in Egypt. After touring around the outside of the pyramid, we headed inside the burial chamber and saw the sarcophagus with its broken lid. Inside the chamber, the walls were filled with hieroglyphics. To get to the chamber we had to walk about 28 meters down a shaft that was was only 1.5 meters tall, so we were all hunched over ascending into the tomb. Unfortunately they don’t allow cameras inside the chambers so we have no photos.
Next stop, the city of Aswan!

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