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Moulin Rouge

We bought tickets for the show a couple weeks before we left on this trip expecting great things. Unfortunately, it was a bit disappointing. First off, the seats we got were horrible. We couldn’t have been further from the stage…literally. They put us in the back right corner of the theatre. We were in the middle seats at a table of 6, which was a rectangular table with its width facing the stage, so you had to have your head turned to either the left or right, depending on which side of the table you sat at, for the entire show.
Then the show started.
During the first number, I was thinking to myself, “Is this really the show?”. It didn’t seem very polished and the male dancers were horrendous. The choreography was not great and the guys weren’t in rhythm most of the time. The whole thing seemed a little amateurish. I guess I’ve been spoiled with spectacular Broadway, Vegas, London, and Cirque du Soleil shows
On the positive side, the women were much better performers than the men. And the costumes for everyone and the sets/stage were fantastic. Also, the juggler, acrobats, and ventriloquist acts they had in between the sets and costume changes saved the show for me. I almost found myself wanting more of the side acts instead of the main event.
All in all, it was an experience and it can now be crossed off the bucket list. C’est la vie!

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