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Bonjour Paris!

At 2pm, we left St. Pancras station in London on the Eurostar train to Paris. It took 2 hours, 20 minutes to get here. The portion of the journey that goes under the sea, only lasts 20 minutes. I also discovered that the train racks in the UK side seem to be much smoother that the France side. We definitely felt more bumps and heard more track noise in France.
After we arrived, we sorted out a transit pass for 5 days, which is the maximum number of days you can buy in a pass, even though we’ll be here for 7 days. The other strange thing is the size of the transit pass. It’s slightly larger than ticket you’d buy for a 50/50 draw or a work party drink ticket. Not really a practical size for traveling.
Anyway, we made to the area of our apartment, climbed up to the street level then proceeded to walk 3 blocks in the completely wrong direction. After several consultations with our map (and no help from any passer’s by) we finally figured out where to go. Turns out the station is only 5 minutes from our place. More on the apartment tomorrow

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